Sunday 26 July 2020

Have a meme in these trying times


  1. as a gay man i do not like the use of the term gay in this manner.

    1. The meme references the fact that Baron Franz Nopcsa named a turtle fossil (pictured in the lower right) Kallokibotion bajazidi, which means "Bajazid's beautiful box" as the carapace's shape reminded him of the ass of his gay lover Bajazid Doda. How else can you describe such an action?

  2. Hello. Apologies: I should have explained my grievance in more detail. In the UK and US in particular the phrase "that's gay" is used by mainly teenagers (but unfortunately many adults also) to refer to something that is stupid, idiotic, lame or uncool. It is this appropriation that I find offensive. I assume you do not live in the UK? Regarding your meme: I think it was just too clever for me and the joke I missed completely (despite knowing the particular fact it refers to!). Anyway I hope this goes someway to explaining my previous comment. I enjoy your blog very much. Jonathan