Thursday 10 December 2020

Fossil Hunting in the Jura Mountains of Holderbank


Another one of my trips through prehistoric Switzerland, this time in the Jurassic sponge-reef of Holderbank, Aargau. I do not have much to add to this video textwise, so instead I will use the quick opportunity here to raise awareness for a far better fossil hunter and paleontologist than I am: Mary Anning. Just yesterday I found out that a new crowdfunding campaign has been started by 11-year old Dorset girl Evie Swire and her family in order to raise money for a statue of Anning to be erected in her hometown of Lyme Regis. As Anning, in my opinion, still often doesn’t get enough credit for some of her work, I highly encourage my readers to at least pay attention to the project.

Click here for the campaign

That is it for now, we will likely see us again around Christmas time.

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