Sunday 27 November 2022

I am coming to Tetzcoon 2022!

Almost forgot to mention it anywhere. This December 3rd and 4th I will be attending Tetzoocon. This will be the first time ever where I attend the convention and also the first time in over a decade that I visit London and Great Britain again. 

I will be there only as a visitor, but C.M. Kosemen, with whom I am hosting the CMTK Podcast, will obviously be a guest speaker at the All Yesterdays Retrospective presentation. For the convention he will actually be bringing little, signable memento cards with his Snaiad and my Har Deshur creatures on them, so look out for those!

There is not much else I can say. I am obviously not a big name in this scene, so most people will not care about my presence (which I somewhat prefer). But if any of you readers look forward to meeting me in person and don’t know what I look like, you can identify me by the unreasonably large amount of dinosaur pins I will be wearing on my sweater.

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