Monday 1 January 2024


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In the tropical jungle of Ryl Madol, perhaps the same home as that of Eurhinocaulus, a strange fellow can be encountered. A biped, both feather- and furless. But, contra Plato, it is not man, nor even really mammal.

Although now heavily altered and resembling more a dryosaur-type dinosaur than anything else, the two small tusks growing behind the beak still give away the true ancestry of this Paleozoic survivor. It is a dicynodont therapsid which has learned to walk on two almost humanoid legs. With these, as well as its horizontal pupils, it is well-equipped to evade the predators which may lurk among the giant horsetails and zosterophyl-flora. Yet, these little herbivores still tend to fall prey to the likes of lycaenoraptors and aistoboids. 

But those are a story for another time.

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